Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Family car

We have had our old car Audi for 5 years now. I like it. I mean, i like it when it drives. Unfortunately last months it hasn't been that often. Just a week before Elliot was born and i hadn't been able to pass the car inspection twice (inspite of spending couple of thousand krones on fixing it), we understood that it is really time to start looking for a bit better car for the family.

Well, a week later we had found what we liked - more functional, reliable and comfortable car - Toyota Avensis Verso.

The market right now is in such a bad shape that we were able to get quite a good deal (more than 4,000USD off the original price!). Of course it was still expensive so that our family will be on a tighter budget for a while.

PS I dont think we will allow Porsche to ride along in this car. At least for a while.


Melanie said...

Love the CAR! It will definitely be great with the family!

Eric said...

It's a good thing that you had the new car in a reasonable price. My wife and I also started to look for used car dealership (Orange County-based) for a bigger car, since we are getting bigger (in number).
Preferably, I'll be closing the deal with some used car dealerships in Orange County, so we can visit our extended family in San Francisco. Happy Christmas to you!