Monday, April 21, 2008

Protecting my head

Last week I realized my long-time dream and bought a bicycle.
And a helmet to protect my head.

My calculations were, that
1) having a bike enables us to go for nice bikerides as a family on warm summer nights
2) I save money on gas by riding the bike to the office. That way Anna can use the car

Well, the truth probably will be that if we go on a bike ride once in 2 weeks then thats pretty good. And brief calculations also show that i wont save tons of money on gas. So financially it makes no sense to spend the money. Probably it is more feasible to rend a bike or sth.

I guess i spent the money on bike as an investment into emotions. Emotions of feeling good after working out. Emotions of spending an evening together with the family while emma is sitting behind me in a baby chair lauging. Emotions of feeling the wind and sund, or rain and cold while driving the bike through the city.

Selling emotions - thats where there is the most money.