Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 4: Leopard and bottomless pancakes

Yesterday morning we had breakfast with our great friends Nelson and Mandy. Mandy has had many colorful experiences in Estonia (including the first Teemeister adventure game) but Nelli hasn't been to our wonderful country yet. Anyways, what I wanted to say was that instead of free refills on drinks, I had free refills on pancakes! Of course the problem was that since there was so much food on the original serving, then i couldn't even finish those 3 pancakes. Not to mention asking for more.

The other highlight of the day for sure was buying an iPhone and playing around with it. I know i dont need one of those, but it just is so tempting. I still think that i wont keep it when i get back to Estonia but sell it. It was also quite an adventrue working through the manual to open it to all networks. Is hacking an iPhone a sin i wonder?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 3: Highlights

Here are some highlights from Sunday, our 3rd full day in US.
- Matt Hamer and I both installed Second Life into our computers to play with it some. So yesterday my avatar, named Tyyp Proto, went to church in Second Life. Lifechurch.tv has a huge campus there. Since I was there 45 minutes early i didn't get to take part of the service but just hanged out there, which was a lot of fun. On the same island XXXChurch has their little campus also.
- 5 (Free) refills of cherry coce in Max and Ermas (too bad that most places dont have Dr.Pepper)
- Daniel Viinalass giving greetins in NW bible church and handing Pastor Harrel a jar of dirt

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 2: Congrats Mrs. and Mr. Bob Hart

Today was the wedding of our great friends Tara Harrell and Bob Hart.

Since we can't find the cord for the camera I can only share with you right now the pictures done with my phone.
Anyways, Bob and Tara, all of your Estonian friends are wishing you all the best and rich blessings on that day!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Phone number

In case you need to get hold of us during the next couple of weeks, our phone number in the States is 614-586 5665

Day 2: Some highlights

Some highlights from our second day of travels (note: these highlights are highly subjective and don't claim to be absolute truths):
1. Emma crawled yesterday for the first time. We were visiting Anna's friend Danielle who has a dog named Donkey. Emmas love for dogs is huge, and Donkey was the sole inspiration for Emma to crawl towards him.
2. I have am a Leopard-user. New era has begun in my Mac life. Some higlights from the op.system that I sepcially like:
- Time machine
- ToDo lists and Rss reader in Mail
- Quicklook in Finder
- Spaces and less glutter on desktop
- Coverflow in Finder
3. The leaves are just changing the colors in Columbus and it is beautiful to drive around here
4. Last but not least - last night at Roosters I had 6 (FREE!) refills of cherry coce. I was not feeling good afterwards.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 1: Planes and travels

Location: Tallinn-Amseterdam-Detroit-Columbus-Strive event in Northwest church

The day had a really hectic start. Emma still had a fever and did not sleep well so Anna got maybe just couple of hours sleep. Our plane was scheduled to departure from Tallinn at 7am, so we wanted to be there shortly after 5 to give time for all the procedures. Specially since we still had to buy the infant tickets for Emma. Well, it took us over an hour to do that since the KLM online system was down for that and the poor lady in the office had not done anything like that before. For a while both Anna and I got the feeling that we wont make it out of Estonia that day. They had to keep the check-in open specially for us as we were the very last people they were waiting on. Then they escorted us through the security and passport control without any delays so that we wouldnt make the plane more late than it already was.

Amsterday Schipold airport is nice. If you ever happen to travel there with the baby, then make sure to check out the Baby lounge. Nice beds, leather seats, microwave, sinks, led lightning and nice music - and all that is free. From Amsterdam to Detroit we are flying with a new Airbus 330, with video-on demand systems in all the seats, power plugs for laptops. Nice! Emma had still the fever and wasn't feeling good. It was up to 40C (103F) and in the last part of the flight she decided to vomit twice. After cleaning the seats, the floor and her clothes i was smelling all the way to Columbus like a barf-guy.

We didnt have any problems in Detroit and we made it to Columbus where Matt, Lisa, Brenton, Carrie and Kyli. Man, it was good to see those familiar loving faces.

In the evening I went to the Northwest singles event called Strive. Corrie, Chris and all the other guys that are putting the event on are doing a great job! I am sure that God wants to use them and their desire to change lives in Columbus OH. I was really tired and had the hardest time not falling asleep.
I dont understand how Anna is not tired. It is 9pm and im just waisted. We are watching just the episode of Office with Matt after which i will hit the bed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Emma got the visa

Today morning when we called the US embassy we heard that the visa for Emma was issued. When i went to pick it up i found out that they had issued it only for 6 months. Well, at least we are able to travel this time, but for sure it is really a lot of unconvenience for the future.

So now we have the visa for Emma. All that there is left to do is to buy her the plane tickets from the airport when we do the check-in. Hopefully that will go smoothly...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I year anniversary

Risttee church is 1 year old. Yeah!
Today we celebrated our anniversary with an awsome church service.
  • We heard video greetings from out friends acrosse the world
  • The choir sang. They were great. Choir is the best outreach tool that we have, seriously!
  • Triin and Helena gave their testimonies of what God has been doing in their life this last year
  • The band rocked
  • We watched a cool video of the pictures from the first year
  • I spoke on Acts 1:8 - a new season that is starting for Risttee, and Mt 16:18 - that Jesus will always be the center of Risttee church
  • And last but not least - we ate a huge birthday cake!
My friend Martin said before the service "We have had one heck of the year!". And thats true. God has brought us through the good times and harder times. We are praying for a breakthrough year.
"Church for others, home for everyone" - that's us, the Risttee church!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why the move

Here we are - the Saar family has found a new web home.
Why did we move from the old address (www.tagahoov.ee/peepanna)?

There were 2 main reasons for that:
1. The power of a Blogger blogging engine is quite appealing compared to the selfmanaged wordpress installation on our server.
2. I have found that my name "Peep" is not a good one to use in the web. It turns out that it has too strong connections to the adult sites so that many filters ban the access to any website that has my name spelled out. So as a result some of our friends have not been able to read our blog.

And for sure you can pray for me so that the move to the new platform would also mean more frequent posts!