Friday, January 25, 2008

The worst day of the week

Here is a piece of trivia for you - do you know what is the worst day of the week for pastor?

It is Monday! Thats when you feel most drained and empty. Overwhelmed by problems and challenges.

This Monday morning i really felt that way.
On days like that i start to compare the size of the vision with the current reality and it feels so out of proportion. I look at the number of people coming to church and feel discouraged. I look at the challenges that don't seem to resolve and feel worried. I think about the sermon that i preached the day before and wish that it would have been shorter and more convincing, not so informational but rather transormational.

These are the thought that were running in my mind this Monday morning. Even though i know that Risttee church is Jesus's and He is the one building it and I am replacable and priviledged to give my best in this season of my life.

But then we had the Monday morning staff meeting.
And I was filled again with new strength and joy to continue.
Spending time with the team, seeing them pouring their lives into the vision of seeing God start a movement in our city and country was what i needed.

I am so thankful for the team on both sides of the Atlantic.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Emma's first sauna experience

Yesterday Emma, our dear precious daughter, had her first sauna experience.
She was sitting bravely in a 100C heat. After 5 seconds she got too hot though and started whining. But on the lower level of the sauna bench she was doing just fine. It was a proud moment for daddy!

After a revitalizing sauna experience she had tons of fun in the bathtub, kissing the reflection of herself in the mirror and kicking and splashing like her life was dependant on that.