Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our family is growing

We have some very exciting personal news to share with you all, as proud and as pleased parents that we are, even more so are we to announce that the end of January Emma will be having a new baby brother or sister!!

Anna is 12+ weeks along in her pregnancy and feeling better everyday. She has had a whole new experience of some mild nausea with this baby that she didn't have with Emma. Emma is already giving mommy's tummy kisses and I am also very excited about becoming a dad again.

We had our 12 week Ultrasound today, so attached is a picture, even though it's quite hard to read anything out of it! We would appriciate your prayers and support during these next months, as the baby grows and develops and for more patience as parents to train Emma to be a loving and obiedient sister.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

where are your eyes

You have 2 options what to look at this picture:
1. My receding hairline
2. Our cutest daugther Emma

The picture is taken at Kuldar and Kristel wedding. Congrats my friends!