Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Elliot Leevi

27.01.2009 06:08AM Elliot Leevi was born.

The labour with Elliot was much easier than with Emma. Also when Emma was born we went to the hospital around 4am But the difference was that Emma was born 7pm while Elliot at 6am. Well, of course this time Anna knew much better what to expect and so we didn't hurry to the hospital too early but just in time. Also what was fun was that Elliot was born into the water.

The miracle of new life never gets old.

Elliot is so handsome and cute. He has at least one dimple. Maybe 2, but im not so sure about that. One difference we have been able to tell so far with baby boys and girls is that Elliot is almost every time able to pee himself all the way wet. It doesn't matter how well you put on the diaper, he still finds a way to do it.

So life is busy right now with family. Emma was also sick for a couple of days, so during that time she became a daddys girl while Elliot was mamas boy.
Anyways, it is a lot of fun. You should come and visit us.

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Melanie said...

Beautiful family! I do want to visit. Maybe I can do an English camp one summer with the youth! I have to work summer school this year. I hope you all make your trip this year. I can't wait to meet Elliot and see Emma...and you guys!