Monday, June 28, 2010


We estonians like summer.
It is a time for eating, resting, recreating, hanging out. And of course watching the World Cup. Some random thoughts that i have in my mind right now:

  1. English Camps are going on with 3 different local churches. You definitely can pray for the Koma, US and local church teams. And of course for the students.
  2. Anna's pregnancy is going well but it is getting tougher for her as the time for delivery gets closer. 17th of August is right now the date for our second son to be born.
  3. We have a baptism service this sunday and after that we will be meeting in a park through out the month of July. It will be a great opportunity to bring our friends to these celebrations.
  4. There's a whole list of household chores that need to be done. Somehow the time seems to be slipping so fast out of the hands that it is hard to get to them...
  5. This summer is a summer of weddings. I will be doing 5 weddings - 2 have been done and 3 are still ahead. Love it.
  6. It is tons of fun to see the kids growing up. Here is a quick sample of Emma stylin'

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footloosiety said...

hey peep - just dropped by one late night to get updated on the saar family fun.

say heyhey to anna for me